Bringing you England in a glass

With roots in both Singapore and the Sussex countryside, the British Beverage Co. team are perfectly set up to bring the best English sparkling wines, and other British beverages, to trade and consumers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Through our partnerships with only the very best English winemakers, we want to help you to create new and exciting drinking experiences that will impress and inspire. 


We will bring you more than just great drinks

The British Beverage Co. is more than just an importer, our passion for connecting drinkers with English wines and other British beverages means that we work hard to bridge fans of our brands with our trade partners.

We also support with events, tastings, visits to and from our vineyards, branding and more. 


"We will help you reach new customers and grow your business"


A family-run business that really cares

The British Beverage Company is run by the Parsons family. We are based in Singapore with roots and strong ties to Sussex in the southeast of England, the heart of English wine production, and home of our beloved winemaker partners.

Co-founders Winnie and Mike Parsons, a Singaporean and British born Singapore PR of over ten years, are anglophiles who reside in Singapore. By combining our love for the English countryside and high-quality drinking experiences, we are driving Singapore's most British network of brands, outlets, and drinkers.